NCS Introduces the Start of A New Era for Cloud Computing

We’re running down checklists at Native Cloud Systems as we approach the dual releases of our casual iPad game TraceWord, and the underlying Native Cloud Software Engine (NCSE) it will be running on. It seems like we’ve been in testing for eons, but it’s what we signed up for when we decided to build a product on top of our proprietary cloud server technology, and today it feels like we’re on the precipice of introducing a new era for cloud computing!

We learned early on that entering the market with a new cloud platform, no matter how much more secure, high-performing, and easy it is to use, is hugely challenging given all the hype and noise around cloud computing.  This is why we created TraceWord, a multiplayer version of a classic word search game, as an initial example of what our system is capable of.

TraceWord is written in Objecive-C, including the interface to the NCSE through our iOS API.  This allowed us to utilize cloud-based resources using Native Cloud Objects coded right into the game application. These objects do the work of matching players to games, shuttling data between players during games, and managing multiplayer game states, all with relatively few lines of code and zero setup of server resources of any kind.

We are excited to have finally reached this point where we can share both our software engine and a fun, exciting iPad game, and we look forward to elaborating on our products and their capabilities in the weeks to come! Check back for updates and news, we’ve got a lot to talk about!